Hi! I'm specialized in full JS development and architecture, especially in a context of high traffic. I have solid foundations in web marketing and IT security. I enjoy building scalable services and intuitive UI. I also like to learn and share knowledge.
Relevant work experience
Implementation of a real-time architecture, API design - IEVA is a startup in the field of personal care and IoT, creator of connected jewelry analyzing the environment and recommending adapted cosmetics. My role was to design a real-time architecture, corresponding APIs and algorithms to process the data collected by IoTs, generate accurate advices and recommendations.
R&D, web marketing in high competitive areas - Digital Virgo is an international group that publishes entertainment services and payment solutions. Bridge between technical and marketing teams, my missions range from R&D to optimization of the customer journey.
Security research and consulting - I used to be an independent security consultant, sharing my time between pentesting, bug bounty programs and research. Specialized in browser security and social engineering, I discovered UI redressing techniques such as cursorjacking.